Author: Shahzeb Najam

Interview always increases your chances of getting in. Therefore, it is necessary to do your research and show that you belong here. Follow these 4 steps written by a fellow alumni and leave a good lasting impression

1.Dress up: Wear a damn tie. Get a haircut. Don’t show up in jeans and a t-shirt, please.

2.Do your homework: Have an opinion on euthanasia. Have an opinion on abortion. Read up extensively on medical ethics (autonomy, beneficence, Non-malfeasance, justice). Know about the important diseases affecting Pakistan (polio, TB, malaria) and know about any ‘fashionable’ diseases trending when you take your interview like SARS or Ebola.

3.Know your stuff: Be prepared to write a short statement about who you are. Think about why you like the things you do and what makes you, you. Obviously, think hard about why you want to do medicine. Don’t say the same cliched nonsense. NEVER say ‘because my parents want me to’ (even if it’s true). Also, if you just want to ‘help people’ why don’t you become a nurse?

4.Why Ziauddin: Read up on the history of Ziauddin University and Dr. Ziauddin Ahmed (tip: not a medical doctor) and have some points ready for when you’re asked ‘why Ziauddin?’. Hint: talk about PBLs and how ZU was one of the first universities to start them in Pakistan, along with the new integrated system of medical education and how its so much better than the old system because of the clinical exposure you get right off the bat.

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