Author: Samiuddin Ahmed

Medicine is a tough field as we’ve always been told. Lots of caffeine to get us through long sleepless nights, lots of parties,hangouts, friend’s wedding and birthdays missed. Yet there lies a satisfaction in the work we do . That is what drew me to medicine. I was fortunate enough to acquire entry in Ziauddin Medical University’s five year MBBS program, a degree chosen out of inability to pursue veterinarian and marine biology abroad yet stay in the field of medicine in Pakistan.

ZMU is really working towards strengthening its degree. As the university ages, more alumni are successfully able to attain positions around the world, more students vie for the 150 seats a year. For me Ziauddin has been a brilliant learning experience. Its attachment to Ziauddin Hospital enables us to learn from some truly magnificent doctors. The student pool here is as diverse as it could be. You make friends with students from A levels, intermediate and also foreign students who come to study here to avoid the 4 years of pre med in America.

For those just applying to Ziauddin University, I would say be ready for remarkable five years. You may grow to hate the place but the experiences and the degree you walk away with will make it worth it.