I chose MBBS because physiological mechanisms always piqued my interest and I loved how everything fitted together and made sense and logic.

I applied to many med schools nationwide but didn’t score good on the entrance tests because I was a A levels grad and the test was FSc based. Also, some of private universities that might have accepted me such as LMDC and Liaquat National required a government test score, whose deadline was in around October whereas BMC’s was in November, which was unbeknown to me when I paid for their application forms. I got into 5 medical unis but BMC and QIMS transcended them all because they were in my hometown, Quetta. I wanted to opt for BMC but my seat got claimed over some trivial matter so Qims was my last resort.

I had the impression that QIMS will be very strict since it’s an army school and I was absolutely right about that because they blow even the slightest of trifles out of proportions and I thought we’d wear saris which we do not. Also, I thought that there’ll be a uniform penchant towards army personnel’s children.

Contemporarily, if someone asks me if BMC is better than Qims, I’ll vehemently disagree because of myriad of matters which is a stark contrast to my preliminary notions where I reckoned Qims was worse off than BMC. However, not by a colossal margin. I am absolutely content that I chose Qims. I have zero significant lamentations. I love how the institute’s emphasis on extracurriculars and academics follow each other in tandem. Teachers are meh, if not shit. Although, modicum amount of HODs are exceptional and AH-mazing. I find sports week extremely enjoyable. I haven’t come across anything remotely evident pertaining to nepotism but that’s in accord to my subjective knowledge. QIMS duresses a lot on the requisite attendance and has made its students give papers in supplementary exams, in lieu of repeating the year which I find extremely unnecessary. We have the biometric system so you can’t mark proxies. The labs and equipment are all up to date but you have to share the equipment with 5 other students which is an ignominious vice. Seminars would be a plus.

I’d recommend QIMS to every aspiring med student who wants to serve as an army doctor. Also, to anyone who lives in Balochistan since it’s the second med school here. My medical degree will be associated to UOB but for the coming students, they’ll be affiliated with NUMS.