Author: Sahil Kumar

I chose medicine because i wanted a job which is about more than just making money. I felt medicine is the only profession from which I could make good money as well as make a difference and earn others prayers. It was very difficult to decide a university. I saw an advertisement about LNMC, asked a few relatives, applied and got selected.

Finally, orientation day, the day for which i was waiting for a long time, came. Everyone was excited but on our very 1st day lectures started.The professors advised us to buy books and every one became tensed. We didn’t even get time to know each other and studies were already starting. But as days passed we realized that it’s not too difficult.If you give it time and study everyday you would make it. I completed my 1st year with a great knowledge about medicine. The teachers always guided us and now studies don’t seem too difficult.

When i first came to LNMC to give the entrance test, I was not impressed by the infrastructure. I imagined the education standards to be similar to their infrastructure. But, that’s not the case. The labs are well equipped and teachers are good. Also, my thinking has now changed. I have realized that knowledge matters not the buildings.

No doubt LMNC is one of the best medical colleges but even the best things need improvement. LMNC requires to apply more advanced teaching strategies such as videos in their lectures.

I advise the students who are interested in lnmc that if you invest your money in this college, you will get more profit then the money you spent in the form of knowledge.