I chose MBBS as my degree, because I always wanted to be a part of a bigger cause and there can’t be anything better than saving lives.

Liaquat college of medicine and dentistry is affiliated with Jinnah Sindh medical university, which is by far one of the most honourable medical schools in Pakistan. This was the main reason behind my selection for LCMD. Secondly, its located in central Johar, which makes it quite near to my residence.
I didn’t have a good impression initially. The campus is small and I wasn’t familiar with the faculty. I was only relying on my instincts.
My batch is the very first one in whose presence the college got affiliated with Jinnah Sindh Medical University. This brought a noticeable change in terms of managing syllabus, timetable and modules. It made the modular systems open to easier learning as compared to the annual systems operating before. Their learning systems focus more on clinical application which is absolutely helpful for this field. Also, the college has improved in terms of infrastructure and furniture but the problem of space stands still. As far as teaching faculty is concerned we have teachers from JSMU and dow. And I feel glad about the fact the our college holds one of best faculty departments for Physiology, Pharmacology and Pathology.

The issues I have been facing all round these years include the congested building, restricted usage of lifts for students, and poorly managed cafeteria.

As far as the degree is concerned, interested candidates should not be worried since they will hold a prestigious degree from JSMU. Location can be an advantage for candidates living in central areas of Johar, Gulshan, etc.