Getting an admission in DUHS is like a dream come true for many. Little do they know what Dow has in store for them. Dow does has a huge legacy to brag about but it’s just by name, the university’s standard is going down year by year.

Firstly, there is no proper maintenance or proper administration. You can go to university once a month or once in a few months even no one will care. There are also little to no extra curricular activities The university focuses only on studies and they just want you to study till you die.The teaching staff and the professors are also okay and not that good.
Other than that Dow has many links to many out going programs. But that depends person to person and if you are really interested you have to work for it yourself.

There are collaborations such as PWA , it’s a entirely student run blood bank in Civil hospital and then there is SOCH, which is also student run and focuses on outskirt programs. So there are a lot of medical related opportunities where you can work as being a dow student.