Author: Zoya Fatima

From the time I can remember, becoming a doctor and getting into a med school was my ultimate goal in life.I chose DOW University because it is one of the best medical colleges in Karachi, one which would provide me with hardcore clinical experience and also because its fee structure was affordable.  

Before getting into Dow, I expected the teaching faculty to be excellent but I found it to be only mediocre. However some of the departments are exceptional. Overall, there is a lot of self and group study and friends will make studying and learning much easier. You will have the opportunity to interact with students coming in from different backgrounds. There will be students from F.Sc, A-levels, Interior Sindh and Aga Khan Board. This exposure has helped me grow personally and has provided a friendly and amiable environment.

Spending 3 years in Dow has made me more aware of our society. Previously, I used to only move around in Defence and Clifton but working at Civil Hospital has helped me interact with the masses and people coming in from various cultures and backgrounds from all over Pakistan.  Furthermore, I have become a bit more independent.  This might sound trivial to many, but I am totally able to travel in a rickshaw all by myself to and from the university or hospital with bargained rates. Also, since I am communicating with patients from Civil, my Urdu has improved and currently I am trying to learn Sindhi as well. I think learning new languages is always an added advantage for everyone.

I would advise students to be really sure about opting for this MBBS as at the end of the day your passion and dedication will sail you through the rough times. (and of course the amazing bunch of friends which you are bound to find at DOW :D).

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