I chose this degree because from the very start I knew that I wanted to be a doctor. As I entered my school years, this passion was intensified with my interest in biological sciences. I knew the expectations of this field of study and I knew I had all the right qualities to be a good doctor.

I chose AKU because simply put, it is the best medical college in the country. Also, it has an amazing alumni network and great research opportunities.

My perceptions about AKU were that it had the best medical teaching practices with a brilliant faculty and a diverse student body. The student body is becoming diverse with each passing year which is a good thing. However, some recent administration changes have seen some really good faculty members leave. Additionally, the basic sciences faculty is not up to the mark. However, relative to other medical colleges, AKU is still above par.

The university has exposed me to health related issues which are both local and international. But more than that, it has enabled me to use my skills to find innovative solutions for these problems while still being a student. The university also has inculcated in me the ethic of service, one which is voluntary and not associated with any benefits. This I believe is the most important thing one can learn regardless of what profession he/she belongs too. Overall, the university has enabled me to question established practices and also find new and innovative solutions that can overall improve the quality of life of people around me.

More than the university, anyone entering the medical profession has to understand that this field requires the utmost patience. It is not a quick return job and will require you to study at inhumanly hours while also keeping up with your clinical practice. So your passion for medicine should be at its peak and should remain so throughout your life if you want to become a doctor. Once you have decided that, AKU is a better choice if you’re planning to do undergraduate medicine from Pakistan. It will provide you with exposure, give you ample opportunity to decide which specialty you want to choose and also train you according to international standards.