I’m a 4th year manufacturing student at GIKI. Honestly speaking, initially, I had very little idea about my degree. I chose it because I had little other option in GIKI. I believed that any degree from GIKI is good to get a job. Now, i know that i was wrong. Manufacturing jobs are scarce. You could work in a foundry or in quality department. But, the degree does provide a lot of research opportunities.

I decided to stay in Pakistan until my bachelors. I applied to NUST and GIKI. So, the only other option was to join NUST industrial Engineering. GIKI had better academics and job placement reputation. All my friends and teachers were also favored GIKI.

I had very high expectations. I thought that along with great academics I’ll be experiencing a whole new lifestyle. I expected that my social life will boom due to the famous society culture present here. I have realized that it’s not all butterflies. The faculty is good not the best. You have to work hard to remain in the game .The food sucks but you can adapt. You may suffer homesickness at the beginning but hostel life is great. Societies teach you time management, public speaking, group management and public dealing. People are not very cooperative and they will provide you with purported details.

I have learned a lot here from the many memorable experiences, such as from the allnighters that we pulled together to prepare the projects, event treats and incidents of ragging. I have learned to grow and improve from my mistakes and observations.

I’d recommend you to carry out your masters from foreign countries. You could also get certifications of either project management or Non Destructive Testing.

If you want to study in Pakistan GIKI is a good option. The faculties of Mechanical and Computer Sciences are best if you are looking for a job. It is not hard to achieve a good GPA here if you are willing to work hard.