Author: Vishal Chhatwani

From a very young age, I yearned to go abroad for higher education. I wanted to meet new people and experience diverse culture. Therefore during my bachelors in Computer Science from GIK Institute, I started looking for my options to pursue my Master’s degree.

There were three countries which came in my mind instantly – US, Canada and Australia. I started researching about Computer Science careers in all these countries. Thankfully I had many friends and relatives living in all three countries to help me out. I finally chose US because of its huge job market and rapid growth in computer science.


In US, I chose Florida International University because of a few of factors. Firstly, I have relatives there and I feel it is always helpful to have someone with you at a new place. Secondly, Miami is the hub of cultural diversity where you can find people from all around the World.

Most universities demand minimum of 3.0 GPA but they also consider other things such as Statement of Purpose, GRE score and reference letters. Since, I didn’t have a very high GPA, I focused on the latter things and got an conditional offer from Florida International University that I have to get a minimum of 3.0 GPA in the first semester. I dedicated my entire time to studies and finally my hard work paid off and I got 3.75 GPA in my first semester.


I have learned alot from my experience here. Firstly, there is a huge difference in exposure and experience that we get here as compared to in Pakistan. Here you get to work on some big projects and different technologies. There is also a biannual career fair where many of the top companies come for recruitment. I have also made many friends of various backgrounds from China, India, Bangladesh etc. I have realized that people are very similar and it is not the people who chose to hate each other but it’s the politics that divides us. Finally, the most important thing I have learned from all these experiences is that you should keep working hard to achieve your dreams and never give up on anything that you want from life.