Author: Adeel Mohammedi

SZABIST….hmm, there are quite a few things I adore about the institution where I am enrolled for a LLB or simply a B.L. degree. As much as I am enthusiastic about suggesting this degree to people who wish to pursue a career in Law or politics or a similar field, I must say that it was one of the reasons was the level of difficulty and well, disinterest in sciences that I pursued this programme. However, I haven’t regretted my decision of taking up Law at all. This degree not only develops analytical skills but also greatly enhances awareness about the deep-rooted problems in the Legal system (primarily the UK of course). The pressure of constantly reading, comprehending and analysing Case law, Statutes and other materials could be monotonous at first, but the interest and curiosity which comes from within oneself can surpass that if you really are interested. Like they say…curiosity killed the cat!



Programme is affiliated directly with the University of London, UK. When I started applying for this programme (suggested by my A level teacher) I had three options in totality. Applying to S.M. College, Lecole or SZABIST. After further discussing with my parents I decided to apply to SZABIST because I researched and was also told that the criteria for the programme at SZABIST was easy to meet and the entry test was simple too. Also, many of my friends who were with me in A levels were enrolled in various programs there. I knew that the institution is well-reputed and also amongst the top in Karachi, which led me to presume that the faculty would be experienced as well. I was not wrong. So I made this choice.


Frankly speaking, this programme delured me right in the beginning. In my first year I knew I was in for a bumpy ride. Contrasting my perception about this programme, here goes: Initially it was fairly exciting, albeit extremely tiresome and exhausting. From what I had perceived the programme would not be this demanding. Truth is, it is. As I come near the end of my programme I have realised that it is only through consistent efforts and dedication that can help achieve successful grades. By the Grace of God I have successfully completed 2/3 of the degree.

Since I have been enrolled in this programme I have learnt quite a few things. First of all, I have made a few amazing friends. Naturally, in life we come across all kinds of people wherever we go. However, I personally believe it is through this programme which destined me to meet a few great individuals. This L.L.B course over these two years has enhanced my understanding of the minute but crucial difference between what to say and what not to say. Conveying my thoughts and ideas has become if not incredibly easier, but a lot easier. I also think the complexity of this degree has shifted my focus from the irrelevant to the more important things in life, for example re-organizing my priorities. Really, it has. It has also groomed me as an individual such that I am greatly impressed by the dressing sense lawyers have. I just love it. A friend once told me: dress to impress.

I would like to share a memorable experience with you. Recently we were told to introduce ourselves to the class and to the new course teacher (Islamic Law teacher). Opposed to the orthodox way of telling others about yourself we were told to tell something about someone present in the class. My friend suddenly blurted out the fact that “….he can sing very well”. I was startled for a minute and didn’t know how to respond when the teacher asked me to sing a song for the whole class. I kept smiling and then said “If I pass this course I’ll sing for the class”. Had this light incident taken place during my A levels I would not have said anything as a reply back then because I was very shy to respond to questions in front of the class. Since I joined SZABIST I have made a concerted effort to polish my public-speaking skills, which have pushed me forward and helped me gain more confidence.

I have also been keenly interested in politics since I joined. Be it be our local news or international developments, I do try to stay up-to-date with a little of everything. It only just helps.

Huge disclaimer: this degree is not for non-serious people. Well, if you ask me what “non-serious” entails, it is not for those who think this programme is easy and only a little studying, time and again, would get them through. It goes without saying, dedication and hard work and a little of luck gets one through. On the other hand, if one truly wants to pursue this degree and they’re inclined towards anything close to Economics or Law of course, don’t wait any longer. This degree is for you. It is a flexible programme stretched over three years but it is more adaptable such that one can take a longer time to finish. When completed one could carve their career path by litigating which means being present for a lawsuit in court, or corporate which is the general swing among many these days. Afterwards of course, litigation is always open. Before getting aboard any roller coaster just make sure you fasten your seat-belt. You never know how bumpy the ride could be! Best of luck for your future.