Institute of Business Management

Founded in 1994, Institute of Business Management has grown to be one of the most prestigious business schools in Pakistan. It offers a wide variety of courses, not just limited to Business but engineering and computer and sciences as well. Iobm provides the students with complete knowledge that what they need before they enter the practical world so that they excel in their future. In IOBM, the student environment is much diversified. There are students from  different cities and from the different family backgrounds which is a huge plus point as it helps the students there to learn how to interact with people from different communities. Iobm has a well built campus in karachi. Being part of iobm, provides you surity of good future.


  • One of the best business schools in Pakistan
  • This university gives you access to the practical world through different channels
  • IOBM has  a very good campus and fulfills all the necessary requirement of the students
  • They have a lot of societies which host events and seminars every year and this helps the students to become leaders and teach them how to run an organization.


  • Its location is at the end of the city and near an industrial area.
  • Strict grading policy.
  • Too many restrictions

Programs Offered

College of Business Management
  • BBA
  • BS Economics and Finance
  • BS Accounting and Finance
  • BS Social Entrepreneurship and Social Leadership
  • MBA 
  • MBA Health and Hospital Management
  • MBA Finance and Risk Management
  • MBA Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • MBA Industrial Management
  • MBA Environment and Energy Management
  • MBA Media Management and Marketing
  • MPhil in Business Management
  • MS in Business Management
  • PhD in Business Management
  • PhD in Environment and Energy Management
College of Engineering and Sciences:
  • BS Industrial Engineering and Management
  • BE Electrical Engineering in Electronics and Telecommunication
  • MBA Industrial Management
  • MBA Environment and Energy Management
  • MS in Engineering Management
  • PhD Environment and Energy Management.
College of Economics and Social Development:
  • BS in Accountancy, Management and Law
  • BS in Media Studies
  • B.Ed Elementary
  • MBA Educational Management
  • MSc Organizational Psychology and Human Resource Management
  • MPhil leading to PhD in Organizational Psychology
  • MS Economics
  • MS/MPhil in Education
  • PhD in Economics
  • PhD in Education
  • PhD in Education
College of Computer Science and Information System
  • BS Computer Science
  • BS Actuarial Science and Risk Management
  • BS Data Science
  • BS Mathematics & Economics
  • MS Actuarial Science Computational Finance
  • MS Computer Science
  • MS Mathematics and MS Statistics (Scientific Computing)
  • PhD (Computer Science), PhD (Mathematics & Scientific Computing) and PhD (Statistics & Scientific Computing)

Personal Experience


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Quality of education
Extracurricular (Societies and Sports)
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