I chose LUMS because its history faculty is very good even better than the Political Science faculty. Plus, there was a diverse range of courses. Also I love history and it was being taught with varying perspectives, techniques and degrees. I chose LUMS because of the convenient distance from my hometown as well as positive feedback from people already at LUMS. I also visited the university prior to applying to see how the environment was and it seemed pretty nice and fun.

I imagined that academically it would be more difficult and very constrained in physical and social space. I have had a great time at LUMS and met some of the best people I’ve ever known. I also feel like there is a reasonable amount of space in the university, except perhaps  study space. The recent construction of the Aquatic centre has been a bit of a problem.

I’ve made a lot of friends and matured a great deal over the years. My knowledge and sensibility has also expanded a lot. My advice advice for incoming students is to talk to your seniors. Ask questions about everything. Take the courses and activities you feel you need to take to grow as a person. Don’t force anything on yourself because you won’t be happy and you won’t do well. And remember that in the greater scheme of things, some things just aren’t as important as you’re think they are.