Author: Nimra Khalid

I am a student of Hamdard medical and dental college I have been studying there for the past 3 years and currently perusing a degree in MBBS

I came to know about HMDC through my college as I did my intermediate from the Hamdard College of science and commerce. I opted for a private university as I am originally from Quetta and could not apply to any government institutes in Karachi as  my domicile belongs to Baluchistan.

The HMDC is affiliated with the Hamdard University which is a big plus point as like other medical colleges affiliated with government universities the examinations are held on time without delays. The schedule for the year is strictly followed.

The campus is situated a little outside Karachi near Muhammad bin Qasim Avenue which is a hassle. Even though the university provides transportation it still get very tiring at times. The campus is spacious and well maintained but we get little time off to enjoy that. The interdepartmental extracurricular activities are arranged by the student’s societies which lighten the burden of the students.

The curriculum is arranged according to the annual system which is a little different than the other medical colleges but it complements the way the students are guided throughout the year. Supplementary examinations are held 40 days after the final results.

The internal evaluation where helps the students that work throughout the year in their final exams may cause problems for students with low internal evaluation.

The medical college has two hospitals for clinical practice TAJ medical complex which is a private hospital but it’s majorly just theory that we learn there as we don’t get to see many patients but the second hospital Kulsoom bai valika hospital is a government hospital and has a good patient turn out where we examine patients and surgeries.

The faculty is well educated and really helpful all the HODs are highly qualified both in their academic skills as well as management of all the lectures in their department.

The problems I have faced throughout these years is poorly managed cafeteria which is shared amoung all the departments of the university. The travelling fatigue and a lack of administration arranged co curricular activities.

To sum it up if you are looking for a private institute for MBBS Hamdard is a good option with a few cons which are minor hurdles in your chosen path.