Author: Nigma Zar Mehdi

As a little girl, I always knew I had a good eye for fashion but that never translated into me taking this seriously as a professional degree. However, my mother and grandmother instilled in me that I would do good as a designer, a fashion designer to be more precise. Through words of encouragement such as, ‘Tum kapray banao tou, Koi lay na lay, you always have us two as your permanent customers.’

That and the growing sense of style amongst us a nation, made me take this seriously enough. As a country, the trend of designer wear has risen immensely over the past few years. The shift from ‘darzi’ to ‘designer’ has been so quick that you find it difficult to really pinpoint the time that the change took place.

The best part of fashion designing is that every extend, every project has given me the opportunity, freedom and support to take a stab at something new every time and paved my way to do so. The fact that I come from an army background has proved to be beneficial in every step of my journey. The traveling and interactions with different people in different parts of the country helped me pick what intrigued me the most.

Living in Lahore, the fashion capital of Pakistan, I had to choose a university that not only caters the degree I plan on doing my bachelors in but also considers it its most prized possession. Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design was the one for me. With growing globalization and the great attention given to presentation these days, the horizons for fashion design have definitely widened and with this so has the university and its curriculum and that is what appealed to me the most. Considering the fact that fashion designing today has a scope in almost every field starting from creative designing to management and ending on sales, one needs to be enlightened on every step of the way.

The university’s reputation exceeds itself. Before starting, I had heard what other students dread and portray as one’s worst nightmare. From being described as ‘jail’ due to its fixed timings and rigorous working hours to the workload it has to offer, needless to say, I was terrified. To make matters worse, upon entering the university with doubt in my heart, the only statement I heard all week was ‘Yahan kiun aagaye hou? Kisi aur university jao aur party kerou. This place is going to suck the blood out of you.’

But I decided to stay.

Four years later, I can proudly say this was one decision I don’t regret one bit. This institute molded me into the person I am today. We’ve been taught that in this contemporary society success is the main aspect of everyone’s being and Fashion Designing is an art whereby that one creates new clothes that individuals wear to look beautiful. The trend setting industry is among one of the essential fast paced industries, providing extensive job opportunities to those people who are creative geniuses and possess a knack for fashion. This university helps one grow as a person, modifying one’s personality for the greater good.

My advice to all the students wanting or thinking of pursuing fashion at PIFD is that it is among the best of what it has to offer, with a state of the art facility, highly qualified teachers and the most hardworking administrators. They need to remember that the worst thing that one can do is to get in the program with any expectations. The real glamour of the industry lies in hard work, the journey behind the scenes, knowledge and the 4 years you spend learning about fashion, which helps distinguish between you and the rest of them.