I have always had a love for clothes. I love sketching, making illustrations, patterns e.tc. and designing clothes on my own had always been one of my main interests. Thus, studying fashion design was one of my goals.

Right now I’m studying at Asian Institute for Fashion Design which is one of the top fashion design university. I chose to study here because many of my relatives and some university alumni recommended it. I had also heard positively about the university’s faculty.

Before arriving to AIFD, I had mixed feelings. I was quite nervous and apprehensive but was confident that I had made a good choice.

I have learned a lot here. Teachers constant support and guidance has helped me alot. Initially, it was quite hard for me to get accustomed to the environment and make new friends but through class presentations and displays, my confidence has boost up. Daily I learn something new here through great experiences.

My suggestion is that if one is good in drawing, paintings , patterns , communication skills and is interested in pursuing fashion as a career then AIFD is one of the best options. Teachers are so supportive and facilities and management is really good.

AIFD also offers short courses and bachelor’s in textile and fashion marketing as well.