Dow University of Health Sciences

Situated in Saddar town, the center of Karachi, DOW Medical College is the place for students who are willing to become tough, street smart and independent individuals.  Civil hospital provides a unique clinical experience, something which is not offered by many private health care centers. You will find cases which are hardly ever reported in other hospitals. Moreover, Dow follows an integrated modular system of studies where each system of the body is studied separately with its relevant anatomy, physiology and so on. This helps the students grasp and understand each mechanism effectively.



  • It has a good name and affiliations with many out going programs
  • Exposure to patients from all over Pakistan
  • Good postgraduate opportunities
  • Good exposure to medical students and student societies such as PWA and SOCH in Civil Hospital


  • Rote learning system
  • Location at main MA Jinnah is not very ideal
  • Very little extracurricular activities
  • No standard attendance system and poor administration
  • The teaching quality varies a lot

Programs Offered

Undergraduate Programs:

  • MBBS
  • BDS
  • Pharm-D
 Postgraduate Programs:
  • MBA
  • Masters in Diabetes & Endocrinology
  • Masters in Dental Surgery
  • Masters in Biostatistics and Epidemiology
  • Masters in Health Profession Education (MHPE)
  • Masters in Public Health (MPH)
  • Masters in Physiotheraphy
  • Masters in Nursing
  • Masters in Juris Prudence
  • Fellowship Training (FCPS -II) in all major sspecialties
  • M.Phil, Leading to PhD
  • PhD in Basic & Clinical Sciences

Personal Experience


Getting an admission in DUHS is like a dream come true for many. Little do they know what Dow has in store for them. Dow does has a huge legacy to brag about but it's just by name, the university’s standard is going down year by year. Firstly, there is no proper...

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