I am a graduate of NUST SEECS, School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. I had heard a lot about NUST and had a strong impression of it. Thus, getting into is was like a dream come true. Although I was not much interested in Computer Science, since it was NUST and my parents wanted me to go into a field which is “suitable” for girls, I decided to go.

Before coming to NUST, I knew that NUST  is renowned for its outstanding education, extra-curricular activities and research carried by professors. But, it is much more that just that. The other things like environment, living an independent life, getting adjusted with the culture (especially if you are from a different province), getting familiar with the mindset of people and competing with students who were topper in their high schools are also the factors people should consider while coming.

NUST is no doubt one of the best universities in Pakistan. NUST’s SEECS and SMME departments are considered the best in NUST. The research carried out in SEECS is unbeatable. Our principal Dr. Arshad Ali had very good relations with foreign companies and universities which created a lot of opportunities for students. Also, NUST has a very reputable name. You do get a preference in job interviews over other students.

SEECS grooms a person a lot. I see myself a completely different person after graduating. Studying Computer Science from SEECS has increased my knowledge and skills. We had a very tough schedule and exam system. Projects were also a plus since they gave us hands-on experience.

NUST also has many societies and clubs like NUST Community Service Club, NUST Adventure Club, NUST Media Club, IEEE, NUST entrepreneurial Society etc. If you become a part of these societies, it will not only enhance your communication skills but it will also increase your management and leadership skills. Apart from that, NUST hostels are the best hostels in the country. The security provided within NUST has no parallel which makes it a best choice for the students especially girls. You can find everything inside them e.g. restaurant, shops, tailor, parlor so you do not need to go outside much. Also there is an orphanage nearby where we used to teach orphans and organize events for them. In this way we were not only getting good education but were also getting trained to be a good human being. Finally, there are seminars and startup competitions like FICS which provide a great platform for students to showcase their talent and present their innovative ideas.

However, there are always pros and cons for everything and we always need to remove cons. I think that NUST, especially SEECS, needs to revise its curriculum to include latest frameworks in the course. We didn’t use much frameworks in programming but in practical life everybody works on latest frameworks and technology. So, I would suggest that SEECS should keep its curriculum up-to-date to accommodate the latest technology since it will help students in getting a job. The cultural difference can also be a barrier but it gets better with the passage of time.

Overall NUST is a great university for the students who get admission in SEECS.  It not only makes you a good engineer or computer scientist but also a person with great personality and skills. I would definitely recommend people to apply for NUST and become a part of it.