I was fascinated by the amount of things a computer can do. This persuaded me explore the world of computers further.

GIKI has, over the years, created an international reputation of bringing up some of the best graduates in the whole country. It is the university every Pakistani kid dreams of studying in. Besides, it boasts one of the best 6-month employment ratios within Pakistan with many students successfully securing a job before graduating.

I knew a friend who used study in GIKI and told me a lot about it. I got the impression that although it had arguably the best university campus, it was situated in a secluded area and we would be cut from the rest of the country while we would be there. I was also told that the studies were incredibly tough and it was hard to survive. The things that I was told about the place were pretty accurate to some extent. However, with the passage of time, I realized that it is just the transition from high school to university life that is difficult. Besides, the perception that GIKI is all about studies was completely wrong. It is a place that grooms you professionally and makes you well prepared to live a life without any dependencies.

I used to be a typical mummy daddy guy, overly dependent on others, enjoying the luxuries of a privileged life. I was also slightly shy, hesitated in initiating a conversion and often found it hard to speak in front of a bunch of people. GIKI changed it all for me. I joined a couple of societies which helped me interact with new people day in and day out. My highlight, though, would be my exchange experience. One particular society sent me to Mauritius on a social internship where I met 150 students from 40 different nationalities. Experiencing a multicultural environment while representing your nation on an international platform was a truly memorable experience.

GIKI is unarguably a beautiful place to be in. It is game of nerves more than anything else at the beginning. Surviving the first year is difficult due to the transition but it gets easier as you start adapting to university life. Never lose hope and never be perfectly satisfied with what you achieve because at the end of the day it’s a race and you do not want to do what the rabbit did while racing the tortoise. Besides, do make use of all the professional development opportunities that GIKI has on offer because at the end of the day, it’s not just the grades that matter, your professional maturity matters as much!