I chose Bachelors in Science in Social Sciences, because it  was providing me a platform where i can later opt for psychology as my majors which is what i wanted to do and I chose SZABIST because it provides best and quality education in this field. Since it’s one of the two universities that are offering BSSS therefore I decided to opt for SZABIST.

I always  thought it’s policies would be less strict and more practical.I also  thought it was a  party school. However, their policies turned out to be very strict and in most cases impractical and unfair.  Due to its strict policies I realised it wasn’t a party school  but actually focused more on education than any other institution.

SZABIST  has enabled me to embark on a journey of self discovery as I realized I had many skills and qualities which were unexplored. It provides you a platform where you can polish your abilities and show case them to the concerned parties also it gives a necessary exposure and an insight into the professional world

My advice to people joining or thinking of applying to SZABIST would be:  Don’t to think that this institution is of low standard and don’t to come to this university with an approach and mindset that it will be less strict and where you can come to just enjoy and not study at all. Don’t make the mistake I made.