I chose Materials Science Engineering not because it had always been on my mind but rather because I got admission in this department. Although, materials science is not very renowned as a field in Pakistan it holds a certain importance overseas in various fields.

To be honest, I could not get into any other university I had applied to and although GIKI is considered to be the best private institutes for engineering, I was unaware of this fact back then, and it was the last option I had during that time. I got into GIKI in the department of materials science engineering with specialization in nanotechnology and the name fascinated me if not anything else!

GIKI has molded me in every aspect of my personality. I have become independent, have gained confidence, and the perpetual feeling of relying on parents or relatives is no longer there. It is as if I can choose whatever career I want and shape myself in any way I desire.

If you have perseverance, determination, and want to succeed on your own efforts this is the best place to be! There are 5 departments for engineering here – All have their pros and cons and do a little research on which degree attracts you most before coming.