Chemical engineering is the most general field of engineering hence having employment chances in almost all production plants. This along with a google search of highest paying undergraduate degree led me to choose chemical engineering.

My choice was wavered towards NUST as it has been ranked the highest in Pakistan on many rankings. I also  got positive feedback from most of my friends and relatives regarding the university.

Before coming to NUST, I expected nerdy students lacking social life.

A month or so after getting to know fellow students, especially some from my own city, I started to adjust. Eventually after joining the debating society I ended up gaining some sincere friends and memorable experiences.

Being in the capital and offering diverse sets of programs, NUST is host to a very diversified student body. I learnt in NUST that every person is different, each with their own past experiences, goals and grooming, and to effectively communicate with them you need to really walk in their shoe.

Only if some teachers understood the importance of conceptual learning as opposed to memorizing everything, NUST will become the perfect place.

First few semesters are the easiest to get GPA and usually your CGPA meanders around your first two semesters CGPA. So study hard at the start to end easy. Also join societies as they introduce you to the professional lifestyle you face after graduating and also helps you in making effective contacts