Author: Najmus-Sahar Mansoor

You’ll go around hearing a kazillion things about Iqra University and its market value but you’ve got to distill out what is important and what is not. People are there to talk about everything in their surroundings but that certainly does not mean that everyone is 100% correct.

Before I came to this university I had heard all sorts of opinions about Iqra University and like any O and A level student I was reluctant to get myself enrolled here. Whatsoever, the reasons were I had to take the decision of choosing the BBA program. As we all know Iqra University welcomes a diverse array of people from far and wide which gives us the opportunity to meet people off different cultural backgrounds and ethnicities, molding our perspectives and giving us the skills to work with people from diverse backgrounds. Even though the admission criteria of IU may be low but I can guarantee you that surviving here is the main struggle. The evaluation standards are pretty strict and make help you evaluate and gauge your level of intellect and survive in the highly competitive scenario.

I chose this university because of its highly economic fees structure. Trust me, for the fees that they charge you they are doing a lot for the students in here. Recently the construction of the EDC building and the large scale renovation being carried out at Iqra University, Main Campus is commendable. The IU management seriously does invest on the infrastructure and the facilities that they aim to provide to their students.

As a student of Iqra University enrolled in the BBA program I can quite clearly say that Iqra University has provided with innumerable opportunities to unleash the true potential inside me and give me a platform to explore the hidden talents and skills inside me. Presentations, group work, solving brainstorming case studies and presenting reports on different companies and industries helped me to identify which domain my inclination was in, whether it was marketing, finance or HR. Also the level of corporate events like IU Job Fair, CEO talks, guest speaker sessions and other initiatives by the placement department continuously strive to serve the students to the best of their abilities. It all depends on you how much interest you take in the ongoing affairs on-campus and make the best of your time at IU.

So yes my perception has surely changed about Iqra University after spending four years here. I have seen drastic changes in people’s personality especially how they groom themselves. The rest is all up to you how seriously you take your four years here at IU.

My advice to people would be that they differentiate themselves from the rest through their own efforts and do not fall aprey to people’s perception. If you are career-oriented and intend to use the resources your university provides, respect your teachers and try to gain maximum knowledge from them, nobody can stop you from doing so. It’s all about how intrinsically motivated you are to achieve your dreams and bring out the best in you!