AUTHOR: Areesha Jawad Butt

I am a Law major at Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) and currently a sophomore. In my view, a degree in Law provides a platform to all those who are concerned about the workings of the social order. It enhances your awareness of your surroundings and makes you cognizant of the fundamentals of any society; like order, stability, fairness, equality, governance and so on. If any person is ambitious to bring about a positive change and is looking for the driving force, then a Law degree can be the ignition. Also, it is a practical degree that complements almost any other field like economics, business, psychology, philosophy or literature.

Choosing an institution for my law degree was not an easy task since the perceptions that usually people hold for various universities are not quite helpful in decision-making. Students, who are going through the excessively tedious and stressful application process, have to hear different people’s opinions about various degree programs or how one degree offered by the university is more superior to the other. My perception of LUMS was neither hyped up nor too low. It was neutral since I had not explored the place as yet, but one thing was for sure that it will be a worthwhile drive on the road of learning.

My perception has not changed much and I would like to clarify that in LUMS, although there are different requirements for different majors yet the quality provided and the teaching methodology for all programs is almost the same. The study pattern here is not only about the content of the course but also involves exposure in the area through skill-enhancing techniques, researches, projects and critical analyses and approaches that lead to a well-rounded learning experience.

The most important thing that I have experienced is a development in my intellectual abilities. The teaching pattern at LUMS has passively improved my critical and analytical thinking ability. Here you learn to look at a picture from a million perspectives and this objectivity provides a better understanding of the concepts. Every person has a personal space in which they perform and LUMS gives you maximum liberty to excel in your own realm and also go beyond. A diverse range of courses with in-depth study and other academic and non-academic activities provide a comprehensive experience and training to students with various prospects.

For all the students who wish to be a part of this institution or are willing to major specifically in Law; my piece of advice is that do not get overwhelmed by anything you hear outside or inside of LUMS. Your ultimate aim should be to become a better version of yourself which requires you to focus only on learning. There are times when there is hard competition and you feel overly occupied and you feel disheartened and lose the motivation. You will always get days of ups and downs. At the end you may not be the best, but certainly you will learn how to manage yourself, how to keep your personal and professional life balanced, how to manage conflicts within your mind, how to make quick decisions and then staying committed to them, how to compromise and simply put, all that is required from an individual when dealing with the complexities of the practical life and LUMS teaches you most of it, if not all.