Author: Tooba Ahmed

This is a clichéd sentence but ever since I was a little girl, I’d always wanted to study in THE NED University, not even having known the definition of the word ‘engineering’. This is how powerful the name of this university was in my perception. As a student of Karachi Board, I had aimed for NED University because of well, “the name” and let’s face it: it’s pretty affordable for a university that produces engineers who are valued everywhere in the world.

But one of the synonyms of ‘affordable’ is ‘poor-quality’, and even though I don’t exactly call the quality of education here ‘poor’ but in some ways, I believe it can be a lot better.

I wanted to opt Computer Systems engineering but as the merit went up, my hopes went down. And eventually I realized I had to settle for less, to still be a part of this university. So I went for Textile engineering. Not knowing a fraction of what it was about, people who were a part of this discipline or knew someone who was, told me about how underrated this discipline is and how the textile industry is going to flourish in the years to come.

I was left with a choice: whether to cry for CS and waste one complete year to apply and go through the horror again, or, trust the people. Even though I barely believe what people tell and I let myself be convinced only by the facts I have known myself, I went for Textile engineering, testing the waters.

Being a student who is about to complete her second year in this institute, I can say that I’m doing pretty well in this discipline. Our teachers arrange a visit to a textile mill for us every semester which I believe is a very great idea to practically educate us about the work of a textile engineer. Furthermore, the societies here at NED are doing a great job! After my school ended my habit of doing extracurricular activities slowly began to die a terrible death. If it weren’t for these societies I had might be roaming around with a board saying NERD hanging around my neck.

If I have to sum it up in few words, I’ll say sometimes you can’t control the situation and have to step out of your comfort zone and give something different a try.