I got admitted in NEDUET in 2013 and currently I am in third year of Civil Engineering.

When it comes to engineering, NED has always been a prominent and a popular public university and because of this very reason, like every other pre-engineering student, I also wanted to be the part of NEDUET.  Since my sister was also doing her BS in civil engineering when I applied for NED at that time so, I had an idea about my discipline. I either wanted to do Mechanical engineering or Civil engineering, but due to merit number, the only choice left for me was civil and I was well aware of the degree too since my sister was already half way through her degree program.

NED is a government university and government educational institutions unfortunately are popular for their irregular conductance of classes and for teachers not playing their roles properly, I, myself was worried about this fact too. But, here at NED, things are totally opposite: classes are being held according to the schedule; teachers being on time; proper lectures are given and many other things.

NED is more than an institution to me now, it is my second home and I spend more time here than at home. I have made several memories with friends. Whether it be a viva season or an assignment submission day, the heat, the tension and the fun of all these moments are irreplaceable. And when it comes to food, breakfast at our very own Dera (Environmental Canteen), hot and juicy biryani after a long session of classes in lunch and uncountable intermediate meals all these cannot be forgotten.

Three years at NED have changed me a lot. I have grown a lot. At first, it was just a matter of an educational degree but now I see things with different perspectives, with different logics and approaches. There are many things that are taught to us in intermediate with no apparent explanations just for the sake of marks. My advice to all the future students of NED or of any other university is that learn to ask questions during your intermediate so that you know what you are doing. As far as civil engineering discipline is concerned, if you are interested in a couple of science subjects at once then civil engineering is the one for you as it covers almost every domain.