Author: Chaudhary Umar

I am a senior year Mechanical Engineering student at GIKI. I actually got admission in Faculty of Engineering Sciences but luckily I topped my faculty and switched my majors to Mechanical Engineering.

GIKI offers specialization in Refrigeration (HVAC), Internal combustion engines and some others as electives. If you are really into the mechanics of thermo-fluids and want to have an engineering degree with vast scope then Mechanical Engineering is best for you. I must add at this point that GIKI does not offer Automobile as an elective but it can give you the base for Masters in Automobile.


My experience in GIKI has not been less than a roller coaster ride. The first thing that hits you is the area GIKI located in. It is a town which opens up its eyes at the time of Fajr Prayers and goes back to sleep as soon as Maghrib Prayers. But soon you realize that GIKI has no links to the town (other than the supply of cigarettes :P). GIKI never sleeps. You’ll always find some people awake and doing some activity; whether it’s offering a Nafl prayer at midnight or playing cricket in corridors or online gaming. You’ll learn to cope up with the homesickness and how to be independent.  The hostel life, the student societies, the grooming, the exposure and the time management GIKI offers can’t be find in any institute in Pakistan. You’ll learn to appear in three exams in less than 24hrs and still have a social circle.  Time literally flies here because GIKI keeps you so busy in studies, co-curricular activities and friends. If you want to learn how to survive in a small place surrounded mostly by strangers, few friends, one or two general stores and some shitty food then GIKI is the place for you.

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