Author: Rohit Kumar

Since eight class I was interested in science course’s particularly in physics. As the years passed, I consistently performed well in physics and discovered my love for electricity and its applications, its relation with magnets and different aspects of magnetism.

Mehran University of Engineering & technology wasn’t my first choice. I kept it as my third choice. I had personally visited this university and had heard lot about it regarding its practical laboratories and faculty. It also comes at fourth among the list of top engineering universities of Pakistan.

Before getting in to the university I had some misconceptions in my mind such as student politics and I was bit scared of that. But soon enough, these misconceptions surely changed as there was totally an academic atmosphere and everybody was disciplined and busy with their own work.

muet convocation

No doubt the university has given me lot of things. I find I have improved alot and become a complete professional. The university has provided me with all the skills and expertise which will help me throughout my life. Above all it has given me some wonderful experiences and memories.

The key thing that I would like to improve in my university is practical work, which needs to be matched with western universities. There needs to be more practical work and the laboratories should be well equipped with all the modern instruments that will help students in better learning their field.