Author: Zeeshan Ahmed

I chose Electrical Engineering to pursue my passion of integrating coding with hardware.
Thus, in opting for electrical/computer engineering I can see the effects of my code
real-time and well it never stops to amaze me.

I chose this university because it is one of the best engineering universities in Pakistan,
especially its remarkable electrical engineering department. Apart from that, it
also financially suited my requirements.

My perception about this university before coming here was that is an old-fashioned
with a conservative environment and outdated labs. When I came here, I found out that in
the departments have been upgraded with the inauguration of some labs containing
up-to-date equipment. Apart from academics the social life here gives you a vast exposure
and it instills in you confidence and a sense of teamwork. However, there still are some
problems with the administration but I guess that happens everywhere.

Being in the executive team of two societies, I’ve come over the communication problems I
used to have. It has also given me a sense of teamwork and leadership, thus I now know
how to cope up with different problems that arise in group projects. My thinking and
analysis process has also changed. Now I look at a certain problem with various
perspectives before reaching to a conclusion.

My advice to the incoming students is that don’t look for scope for choosing the field and
university. It is important but what’s more important is your passion to learn something. So
before opting some degree program, research about various other programs and their
applications. Then after thorough research go with what you like the most because this
your life and what you choose to study now would probably define what you work on for the
rest of your life.