Actually Civil Engineering was not my first choice. I was more interested in Mechanical Engineering but due to low merit I had to choose civil engineering.  But, i don’t regret my decision. Civil Engineering is one of the mother fields of engineering. Also there is some surety of job market in it.

On my paternal side, there are lot of engineers from NED. So a path was already set for me. Also both my elder sisters attended NED as well so it became a matter of ego for me to join this university.

Before even joining NED, I was quite familiar with a lot of things and practices over here. I was looking forward to a friendly environment and four peaceful and glorious years to enjoy my life before entering in professional duties.

The university life teaches you a number of lessons. It helps you to grow and groom yourself. It really gives you a glimpse of the life outside. It gave me confidence to speak among people and present my ideas. One important thing I have learned is always to be strong and face the music.

As far as the memorable experiences are, every moment spent with friends here is memorable for me. I have made a lot of friends here and had a lot of fun.

This university is one of the best institutions. Although it may be lacking in some points but still it gives you incredible four years. Respect everyone every time and you will really enjoy in NED.