Contributed by Abdullah Khan, Muzafar Ali Qumbrani and Rohit Kumar

Like many others I had heard all kinds of rumors and imagined MUET to be an institute affected by a comrade culture, where you could pass without studying. I thought of it as an easy way out, where you could probably even get a fake degree. Every time I drove I past the MUET my sense of pride would tell me that you’re better than this. I was afraid that if I don’t work hard enough I might end up here. With these impressions I entered MUET and here are 3 ways MUET proved me wrong.

1. Academics

The quality of education at Mehran is excellent. The faculty is highly experienced and qualified in their fields. Some of them even have double PhDs from top universities of the world. Contrary to popular misconception, there is no culture of cheating or corruption in classes or in exams. Rules are very strict for attendance and political wings that were in the past cause of much violence and disruption no longer exist. No one will even rag you on your first few days in the university.


2. Infrastructure

Mehran is a huge university where each department has its own building and some buildings are so further apart that you have to take the bus which runs once every hour. Impressive Infrastructure, good transportation system, beautiful library and gymnasium and proper hostel make it an ideal university.


3. Finances

Tuition Fess for civil engineering is only Rs.25000 per year. Plus, the library provides all books and if even then you cannot afford your daily expenses, university has ample amount of scholarships for you. So financially you don’t need to worry at all.

Overall MUET provides an excellent opportunity to learn and appreciate the talent our country has and one cannot deny that the university is trying hard to improve its education standards.

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